Things I’ve made during nights and weekends.

I’ve worked on tons of projects over the years but these are the ones that actually launched. Many of them have been sold or are no longer maintained.

  • TeamSmart AI

    Chrome extension for a better ChatGPT experience.

  • Universal Page

    The all-in-one NFT platform for the LUKSO blockchain.

  • Serverless SaaS

    Starter kit that serves as the perfect starting point for your SaaS product.

  • SidePage

    Simple tool for building websites with a sidebar layout.

  • CodeStash

    Dashboard with premium resources for designers and developers.

  • RemoteRocket

    All remote tech jobs from different job boards in one place.

  • FlowReads

    Overview of the best books for developers and entrepreneurs.

  • RaterFox

    The social platform for entertainment.

  • MakerMove

    Resources for makers and founders.

  • React Milkshake

    React boiletplate with Firebase integration.